November 2021

The Best Flooring For Flipping Houses

The Best Flooring for Flipping Houses

The majority of Florida is considered to be subtropical, while its southern regions experience tropical climates. The state is surrounded by water on three sides and the interior parts of the state have a great deal of water. Florida weather is almost always hot and humid. Even though visitors love the heat and the beaches, and us residents enjoy our tropical climate, there’s one major drawback –...

It’s Still A Great Time To Sell

It’s Still a Great Time To Sell

Home Price Gains Continue As Sellers Ask For Near-Record High Prices Heading Into The End Of The Year, You May Be Wondering If It's Still A Good Time To Sell Your House.   The year may be winding down, but 2021’s feverish pace of home sales continues to hit new records. Despite returns to more typical pre-COVID seasonality, which means a slower fall versus summer season, October housing...

How Much Is Your House Worth?

How Much Is Your House Worth?

How Much Is Your House Worth? It’s useful to know how much your home is worth if you’re considering selling it, or if you’re thinking of tapping home equity for renovations or other projects. It can also give you a feel for your overall net worth, though your home’s value will fluctuate over time. While you don’t need to revisit your home’s value too often, checking on it periodically, such...

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